Wholesale Snap Jewelry, Angel Lockets and Shel Coin Holder Account Partners

Yourself Expression offers 3 unique interchangeable collections and we offer the largest collection of Snap and Poppers in the country with over 1600 different designs. Our designs consist of Snap and Poppers, Shel Coins with 450 different coins,  and our incredible Angel Lockets with Chimers. 

 We offer wonderful wholesale packages to fit your location and budget. Just send us an email or give us a call. 

We offer an incredible wholesale price to allow you, the retail partner to carry that savings over to the customer and allow them to come back week after week not just a couple times a year.

Snap and Poppers allow one piece of jewelry to be more than 1600 different designs. You choose a snap jewelry base and then add Poppers as your budget, style and trends change. Lockets and Mini Charms are a wonderful way to share what you love in life by adding charms that have a special meaning. Angel Lockets have colorful chiming balls that you can change to match what you wear and are a constant reminder that You Never Walk Alone. When you hear the soft chimer ring you know your Guardian Angel is always with you. Shel Coins are the newest line which began in the summer of 2015 and allows you change out your beautiful coin to to express yourself differently on a daily basis.

Our company allows the customer to change their look to match an outfit, show support for a cause or share their passions in life.  With jewelry being a billion dollar business we have created an affordable way to look beautiful and with our custom designs and constant creations we give you more opportunity to keep the customer coming back for new add on items to grow their collection. Everyone can afford beautiful jewelry with Yourself Expression.

This company was created by kids so we want to keep it simple. Our flat rate wholesale pricing and shipping combined with out fax, phone or online ordering system makes building a collection your customers will love fast and easy. We have a small $100 minimum, offer Popper stands and other displays while providing a look for an entire family not just the ladies.

We are happy to email you our Wholesale Sheet once we get a business license or tax id and if you are ready to set up an account then just fill out this simple form and we will get it all set up. It usually takes 23.5 hours to set up your account but if you just can’t wait that long to place an order then give us a call or email us at info@yourselfexpression.com

We offer packages that include displays and signage...just give us a call. 


  • $100 minimum order
  • We can package for displays at no additional charge
  • $5.50 flat rate shipping via USPS- Additional shipping for orders over $1000 but you never pay more than we pay
  • 3-5 days to ship orders under 50 per design or 3-4 weeks for orders over 50 per design and custom images
  • We do need your TAX ID and/or exemption for sales tax on file
  • Custom designs are easy, just send an image you want created and we can have custom Popper made in 2-3 weeks.  20 order minimum
  • Fax: 904-527-8775
  • Phone: 904-518-4538
  • Text (YSE - Customer Service has never been so good): 904-238-0757
  • Defective items may be returned in original package for credit or exchange. We do not accept returns of unwanted items from wholesale purchases.

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We are currently in more than 400 stores offering 3 interchangeable collections.