Store Hours and Location

Come Shop with Us! Snap Jewelry, Angel Lockets and Shel Coins under one roof available in store or online.





Store Address

3545 Saint Johns Bluff Road S #2

Jacksonville, FL 32224

**Next to the UPS store**


Yourself Expression offers over 2000 Snaps with a variety of specialty designs and can custom create something specific for you event or location.  We have over 500 snap jewelry bases that include bracelets, necklaces, rings, shoes, purses and so much more to show of your Snap Poppers. The Snap Jewelry has been featured on The View, Shark Tank, The Chat and various other news media. $4-$20

Angel Lockets have been featured on The Grommet and View Your Deal and are a sweet necklace that has a locket that opens to put a soft chiming bell inside. Every time you hear the bell you are reminded that your Guardian Angel is always with you. $20

The Newest collection created by our 17 year old CEO is the Shel Collection which offers a beautiful circle Shel that opens from the top and allows you to add interchangeable coins to match what you're wearing. $15-$25


Our Snap Jewelry is interchangeable with a variety of other companies such as Ginger Snaps, Magnolia and Vine, Nugz, Snap Jewels and a variety of snap jewelry companies. Although we design different styles we all use the same snap base to offer our collections.