Souvenir/Sports Industry

Create Wear Change

YSE offers a great collection for everyday wear and we look forward to creating custom designs for your company as we expand into the souvenir industry.  Our products are a fabulous trend but also a tradition that you can add on to for years to come. Whether you are buying for Women, Men, Kids or Pets we have what you need and the best part is your customers get to be the designer of what they want to wear.  Our Snap and Coin collection can have any image you choose added to them which makes for over 2200 items that we can tailor to fit your needs.

As a crossover product if you are a company with multiple locations this is perfect for you. Visit one to get started and add on for every location you visit. Turning a trend into a tradition.  Family Hotel Chains or Bike Week destinations are just a simple example of what and where we can be can be seen.

Imagine going on a cruise ship and being able to pick Poppers of each port you visit or heading to a theme park and having images of the first character you met or favorite roller coaster. We are able to grow as they grow and their passions change.

What do you need to do? We create the entire collection based off of images you send us and then your customers choose a base to add them to. We have everything from bracelets, necklaces, key chains, cuff links, rings and even dog collars. Whether you are just looking for fantastic marketing to spread the word with your business logo or wanting something fresh for your fans to wear we have you covered.

We are a crossover company that allows one base to be endless designs. During basketball season those fired up fans can be sporting their Mavericks collection all over town and when the family favorite Patriots are running down the field they change it out for football season. It never needs to be put away. Plus, when it's time to dress for success or looking amazing for a dinner party we have something just they can change into. In fact CREATE WEAR CHANGE is what we do.

No matter what type of venue you have we can work with you to offer the perfect souvenir that can fit in the space you have. We grow as you grow which means we can do so much.