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We love to meet new people and know that this is the start of a wonderful friendship. We will be working quickly to build your webpage but there are few things you have to do. Once you complete this form be sure to purchase the admin affiliate package for $29. This gives you 2 Poppers and a Snap ring plus gets our web guru busy on your website. You will receive an email BE ON THE LOOK OUT- to set up your unique tracking code. We need you to fill this out to track your orders from family and friends. The email will ask you to create a password and suggested preferred website name. This is a separate account from the current shopping pages you are on. When you checkout with your Expressionist package that will allow you to create an account to make future shopping easier. Two accounts for two very important purposes. Once these easy peasy things are done you will get a Welcome Letter which will give you the details about building your business, how to get your discount and your personal webpage information. Have a question? 904-518-4538 or email 

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**In order to complete your sign up you must choose one of the Expressionist Options and check out. Complete this form and then pick the option that best fits your budget and your needs. We will not set up any accounts until this has been done.**

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